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We had a great experience overall. Considering we are not from Toronto, everything went well and organized. I was also blown away by the amount of people that joined the event.  We were able to talk to a lot of Filipinos and had fun as well. 

The event was also organized well in terms of logistics and safety. Tents were already up when we arrived and there were many security personnel in the area that controlled the crowd. 

Lastly, I loved the variety of vendors in the event. I think it's all different type of company and food vendors which made it so diverse and fun to walk around. 

On behalf of ABM college, thank you so much for being a part of your event hope to see you again next year kindly include us always in any event you have.


FUN Philippines was an incredible experience.  We are definitely looking forward to sponsoring next year. 


It's my pleasure giving out our testimonial and good experience during the event. The event was successful even though we had some incidents but overall it was a very productive and a successful event.


Congratulations on your successful event! Our team were ecstatic to experience Filipino festival after pandemic. Looking forward to more Filipino events.


Thank you for inviting our group the Ifugao Association of Canada and the Ontario Filipino Women’s Club to participate in the Fun Philippines Festival. It’s been a joy to showcase the Ifugao Native dances. The event was really helpful in encouraging our younger generation to perform and be proud of our heritage. 


 The Rice Terraces backdrop also gave a lot of interests to other people who stop by and take photos. Lots of fun stories to tell but the most amazing thing of all are the people willing to try our native attire.   


 I also very much appreciate you for  extending the invitation to the Ontario Filipino women’s club. While looking for a Filipino cultural dance to perform we learn that there are so many Filipino cultural dances that we haven’t known before. This opportunity has given us a chance to educate ourselves about Filipino cultures and dances.


 Fun Philippines Street Festival allowed us to show some of the Philippine folk dance and native dance to others people who may not know of its existence. I hope that we were able to educate and give interests to other races who came to the festival to visit our country and experience first hand what it’s like to live in the Philippines.

- Congrats on a very successful festival.  You and your team did a great job! - Festival Vendor


- I can say FUN Phil elevated the street festival to something not done before. Beyond the usual song and dance routine, the political pontificating, and the social climbing typical of community leaders, the two-day fest was a first in many respects.  - Social Media Post



 - In such a meaningful way, FUN Phil took aim at the heart (figuratively, of course), the very core of every living thing.

- Social Media Post


- I believe the organization succeeded in planting the seeds of love of country by incorporating the swearing-in into its program. To me, it symbolizes the acceptance of responsibility for what may happen in the home country. That's patriotism. - Social Media Post


- Congratulations on a successful Fun Philippines. Our dancers were pleased with the reception they received from your  volunteers backstage. - Cultural Group Performers


We really really enjoyed Fun Philippines!  It was nothing I've ever experienced before and was just so blown away by the way you managed to coordinate such an enormous event. - Festival attendee from Ottawa


Congratulations for a very successful inaugural Fun Philippines festival!  We are very proud of you. - Horace Thomas



Congratulations!  Thank you po for organizing Fun Philippines. It helped us a lot to recover from the pandemic.  Until next year po ulit! - Festival vendor


Thank you, Fun Philippines!  We had a great time...the dancers very much appreciated the participation at your festival.  Hindi matapostapos and kwento nila.  Our expectations were met and the group will have something to remember forever :--) - Cultural program performers


Thank you so much for this opportunity.  You don't know how much this meant to me.  I felt the love and good energy from you and the rest of the team who have been super helpful and for that I am super grateful ❤  I am happy we connected through our love of Filipino culture. - Festival Vendor


To be honest, It’s been a tough couple of years for me, so having this opportunity has been such a blessing in showing my brand to many people and it turned out amazing! People from different walks of life have been resonating with my products; all ages, races, gender, you name it - they all connected with my products and with them they bring a piece of Philippines home - Festival  Vendor


I hope we can work together again because Fun Philippines is definitely the future of representing Filipino Culture.

- Cultural Installation exhibitor



Was following on Facebook as my son had a baseball tournament this weekend and couldn't make it to the festival.  What a huge and successful event it was!  Congratulations, Fun Philippines!  Can't wait to attend next year!

- Political campaign manager




Congratulations to a successful 1st Fun Philippines.  We at LBC appreciated all your efforts to make this event great.  Extend our appreciation to your officers.  Job well done.  LBC will be with you next year!

 - LBC Marketing Director




Wow!  Congratulations.  Maaga pa, successful na!  Sobrang daming tao ha!

 - Remittance company owner


Thank you for organizing this event. You knocked it out of the park in your first year! I am confident that if you and the amazing individuals you work with (Teresa) continue on this path, you will have many years of success. The event was lively.  Well run.  A success! 

- Sam (Ontario Corn Roaster)

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